Build a Law Firm That Runs Itself, Not You.


With all you need--coaching, content, and community--

to scale your law firm to multiple millions without worry

that everything will fall apart in your absence.

The Wealthy Woman Lawyer League is a community exclusively for women law firm owners on a journey to scale their law firms to and through $1M in gross annual revenue. In this 6-month membership program, we provide all the trainings, tools, and templates you need to scale your law firm with ease. Plus, you'll have access to weekly, intimate group coaching with other women law firm owners. Click the link below to learn more.

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In the Scale to 7 Law Firm Systems Solution Course, you'll discover the seven essential systems EVERY law firm needs to scale to a million dollars and beyond in gross annual revenue. In this program, you'll receive all the systems, tools, and cheat sheets used by hundreds of women law firm owners to create a law firm that operates on systems, free up their time, and release them from the day-to-day minutiae. Click to learn more.

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Watch the 5-Day Hiring Challenge for Women Law Firm Owners before you hire your next employee (especially other lawyers)! Within just five days, you'll not only discover all the essential elements to creating an efficient, effective hiring system, but also you'll learn the exact next steps to take to quickly implement so you can begin hiring your high-performing team immediately. Click the button below to learn more.

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Very few people are “born” leaders. Yet, somehow, we think when we start and scale our own law firm business, we will just naturally know how to lead and manage other people. Not so! Leadership for Women Lawyers will help you begin your transformation from a high-achieving "doer" to a highly effective law firm leader and manager. Click the button to learn more.

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If you are beyond ready to begin working with more right-fit clients (ones that value your services and pay you in full and on time), then grab a copy of my book that covers everything about law firm marketing. It's called The Wealthy Woman Lawyer's Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age. Click the button below to purchase.



A companion guide to the Law Firm Systems Solution training, The Wealthy Woman Lawyer's Guide to Building a Systems-Driven Law Firm Business book will give you insight into the seven essential systems every law firm owner needs to master to scale their law firm business to seven figures or more. Click the link below to purchase.

Kristie Scott,Esq.

"I would give (Wealthy Woman Lawyer League) 10+ Stars if I could."

Michele Lebron, Esq.

“(We) more than doubled my firm’s revenue.”

Chelsea Pagan, Esq.

“I came away with a ton of valuable information and a clear roadmap for growth.”

Nicola Robinson, Esq.

“I’ve learned a lot about my firm and myself as a person.”

Farren Sheehan, Esq.

"Davina helped me to revitalize my business... my revenue has tripled, and I have more time for myself and my family."

Stacy Kirven, Esq.

"Davina helped me overcome many issues within my firm... Additionally, I have more than doubled my profit!"


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