Do you feel stuck struggling to resolve a particular issue in the growth of your law firm business?

Maybe you know you need to fire an employee, but you want just want to run through the options with someone who can give you some guidance and support in your decision.

Or maybe you are thinking about partnering with another attorney—or leaving a partnership.

Perhaps you are trying to decide where to invest your marketing dollars.

Or maybe you are just stressing out, feeling overwhelmed and need to talk with someone.

You’d talk with your spouse, but you don’t want to worry him or her. Besides, they really wouldn’t understand, having never been in your shoes—a business owner with big plans. You’d talk with a colleague, but you don’t want them to know the inner workings of your business.

What you really want is professional advice from someone who has been there, done that, and helped others in your shoes resolve similar issues.

The Laser Coaching Strategy Session is for women law firm owners who need help resolving a specific issue that’s holding them back from moving forward in their business.

It’s a paid, one-hour, confidential conversation with Davina. The cost is usually $997, but members of the League receive $100 off when you book a call. Simply type in the word “LEAGUE” where it requests the coupon code, and then complete you booking process.

Clients who’ve booked 1:1 sessions with me have not only gained peace of mind and a resolution to their problem, but some have even turned that nominal investment into thousands of dollars just by getting clarity on how to move forward.

Don’t let your fear hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams! Simply ask for and be willing to receive the help you seek.